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Meal times for parents can produce a variety of emotions. If your child enjoys everything you put in front of them you will no doubt have wonderful experiences. If your child is quite 'selective' meal times can often be a nightmare that ends in tears, (yours and your child's!) Hopefully your child will enjoy the food I prepare everyday but please don't worry that your child is likely to starve when you aren't with them becasue they don't like anything from the menu. The menu is only there as a guide to the type of food your child will receive whilst I am caring for them. The menu can be altered to cater for a specific diet, children's likes, and there is also the option of providing your own food for each session providing the food is brought in an airtight container, and clearly labelled. The menu shows lots of healthy food and snacks but I also believe that some treats are acceptable in moderation. If your child loves a specific pudding or sweet, and you want me to provide these on occasion, I am happy to do so. I don't know what my daughter would do if she wasn't allowed the occassional chocolate button or two!
Sample menu:
Morning     Drink             Lunch               Afternoon      Drink         Dinner
Snack                                                         Snack
 Apple          Fruit Juice/      Cauliflower & broccoli      Bagels & soft        Fruit Juice/     Roast Beef/   
  slices           milk / water       cheese                             cheese                 milk / water   Chicken dinner
                                  Chocolate sponge &                                                          Yorkshire Pud
                                  chocolate custard                                                               and veg
                                                                                                                                    Lemon meringue 
Wholemeal   Fruit juice/       Grilled smoked cod          Fruit / digestive     Fruit juice/      Tuna & pasta
Toast            milk / water      loin with buttered bread   biscuit / yoghurt    milk / water      bake
                                   potatoes                                                                             Bananas with
                                 Apple pie & custard                                                             Ice-cream/cream
Melon         Fruit Juice/      Chicken in cream sauce     Home made       Fruit juice/    Homemade veg soup
 slices         milk / water       with mashed potatoes      flapjacks             milk / water  & homemade bread      
                                           and veg                                                                                   and butter
                                          Hot pears in hot chocolate                                              Creamed rice pudding
Toasted    Fruit Juice/         Homemade pizzas            Fruit / digestive      Fruit juice/   Fish in cream & butter
T.cake     milk / water         with various toppings       biscuit / yoghurt     milk / water  sauce, veg and sliced
                                Homemade trifle                                                                 bread
                                                                                                     Syrup sponge &
Banana    Fruit Juice/      Turkey / Chicken / Beef      Cheese on toast Fruit juice/     Chicken casserole
                milk / water      sandwich with salad                                      milk / water    with seasonal veg
                              Homemade cakes & buns                                                       Fruit salad, yoghurt
                                                                                                                                      and ice-cream
I feel that it is important that children have good food and I hope that my menu shows this. Just because someone is small, doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate that same effort and quality that has been put into preparing it.
I also like to involve children in preparing food whenever possible. I think there is great satisfaction to eating something that you have made yourself. Baking is a wonderful way of having fun and getting a bit messy whilst creating a masterpiece in the kitchen. Homemade pizzas are also a brilliant way of children making choices, and discovering what they do and don’t like as toppings.
Food for weaning and babies:
I am happy to prepare meals suitable for weaning children and babies, but will re-heat food provided by parents if prefered.
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